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Realization #1: Be Mindful of Purchases

October 3rd, 2016 at 01:47 am

The fact is that I love organizing parties. Nothing extravagant, just the simple ones we usually throw for family members, especially my precious niece and nephews. I also love crafts so I would often search for ideas from Pinterest and make it a bit more personal for the theme I have in mind.

One thing I noticed though is that all the little purchases - no matter how cheap it seems to be - adds up. I realized it the other day when I thought of an idea for my nephew's 7th construction-themed birthday party. I bought yellow specialty papers that I will make into pinwheels to be decorated around my brother's front yard. After trying to make my first pinwheel, I realized that I bought the wrong kind since it was so hard to fold.

Sadly, after putting the paper in a bin with a bunch of the other craft stuff, I realized that I do this a lot - a paper here, a ribbon there, cute trinkets for someday.. All the cheap little things are still a waste of hard-earned money. =(