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Realization #1: Be Mindful of Purchases

October 3rd, 2016 at 01:47 am

The fact is that I love organizing parties. Nothing extravagant, just the simple ones we usually throw for family members, especially my precious niece and nephews. I also love crafts so I would often search for ideas from Pinterest and make it a bit more personal for the theme I have in mind.

One thing I noticed though is that all the little purchases - no matter how cheap it seems to be - adds up. I realized it the other day when I thought of an idea for my nephew's 7th construction-themed birthday party. I bought yellow specialty papers that I will make into pinwheels to be decorated around my brother's front yard. After trying to make my first pinwheel, I realized that I bought the wrong kind since it was so hard to fold.

Sadly, after putting the paper in a bin with a bunch of the other craft stuff, I realized that I do this a lot - a paper here, a ribbon there, cute trinkets for someday.. All the cheap little things are still a waste of hard-earned money. =(

4 Responses to “Realization #1: Be Mindful of Purchases”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I agree that crafts are expensive, especially when you buy specific brand-new materials. Handmade things can end up more expensive than something ready-made (though handmade things are more special, of course). It's even worse when you have to waste materials. I've noticed that Goodwill has a lot of craft supplies -- could you start with cheap supplies and then use your creativity to imagine how to use them?

  2. rob62521 Says:

    There is a thing going around Facebook about how much one skein of yarn runs and how many it takes to make an Afghan so that homemade gift isn't cheap and wasn't easy. Craft stuff can really add up. I was guilty of this a number of years ago...I hoarded craft things thinking about all the stuff I would make. Some of it I did make, but some of it I didn't. What a waste. So now, I only buy stuff I am working on right now which makes me want to finish it so I can start something else.

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  4. essay Says:

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